Ben Affleck to star in The Company Men?

Looks like it’s all change over at The Company Men. Ben Affleck is in talks to star, with ER producer John Wells making his directorial debut with the drama.

If the latest word on the film is to be believed, Affleck will be taking over the lead role of a businessman whose life is thrown into chaos when he’s forced to reduce the size of his company.

Wells has apparently taken over the project, which has been languishing in turnaround at Warners, according to The Hollywood Reporter .

Financial issues

But here’s where things get odd. Up until early this month, the pic had been listed as an indie drama with Ron Livingston starring alongside Martin Landau, Steve Zahn and Steve Buscemi. Writer/director Raul Sanchez Inglis was gearing up to make it in Detroit this November.

So now it’s a troubled studio project that’s being shopped around town? Because despite Wells hanging his hat at Warners (which, after all, is where he produces ER) The Company Men is still looking for a new home.

Still, given the current financial issues around the world, it’s not too surprising that similar films could emerge at the same time. But the same title? And premise? Sounds like a bailout to us. And you know whose wallet will be hit hardest? Ron Livingston’s, that’s who. Won’t somebody think of the Livingston?

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