Ben Affleck reveals why he lost “passion” for solo Batman movie following Justice League

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Former Batman actor Ben Affleck (or Batfleck, if you prefer) has confessed that Justice League faced “one problem after another” and put him off directing a solo Dark Knight movie. The actor – who played the Caped Crusader in three movies – will not be returning to the role following the critical and box office failure of Justice League (though the rallying cry of #ReleaseTheSnyderCut can still be heard from some fans). 

Affleck told GQ: "Justice League was, unfortunately, touched by some personal tragedy – death in [director] Zack's [Snyder] family – and like I say, sometimes things sort of work and gel and sometimes they just, you know, you seem to be having one problem after another."

He said that, after being asked to write and direct The Batman, “at some point, I had lost my enthusiasm and passion for it.” He insisted that any new Batman film “should really be made by someone for whom it’s their wildest dream come true. It was clear to me it was time to move on.”  

Affleck, however, shared that he did still love his time playing the character. “I really love Zach [Snyder],” he said. “I loved putting on the costume, and the voice was really interesting to me, and I had a good time.” He called the experience of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice “exciting and energising,” adding that the production team let him borrow the Batsuit for his son’s birthday – now that’s a party guest.

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Though Affleck has hung up his cape, Batman will be returning to the big screen once again in June 2021 with Robert Pattinson set to sport the cowl. Director Matt Reeve has been steadily teasing fans with camera tests and moody photographs of Gotham’s Knight. We’ve even had a look at R-Batz’ new-look Batmobile, which has classic sports car-style in favour of an armoured tank. Consider us intrigued. 

Catch Ben Affleck in The Way Back, in US cinemas now and out in the UK from April 24. For more superhero goodness, check out our list of the best superhero movies of all time.

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