Being Human Series Four: The Mix CD

The cast of Being Human series 4.

UPDATE: We've now created a Spotify playlist of these tracks (all except the Wretch 32 track, which isn't available on Spotify - bah!).

One of the many things we love about Being Human are the songs featured in the show, selected by music supervisor Ross Sellwood. Sadly, you can't buy 'em all on an album, so we thought we'd piece together all the information you need to burn your own series four compilation.

Here's the track listing (with notes below on where exactly the songs featured in the show). In each instance, click on the link to go to the iTunes preview page for an album containing the track (sorry overseas folks – these are all links to the UK iTunes).

Most of the tracks cost 79p each to download, with a few priced at 99p. Of course, you don't have to download 'em all – we just thought we'd give you as many options as possible!

1. Wretch 32 – "Unorthodox" (3.05)
2. Howlin' Wolf – “Smoke Stack Lightning” (3.05)
3. Timbuk 3 – “The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades” (3.23)
4. Louis Armstrong – “La Vie En Rose” (3.22)
5. Howlin' Wolf – "I'm The Wolf" (2.54)
6. Henry’s Funeral Shoe – “Dog Scratched Ear” (4.37)
7. Nick Lowe – “The Beast In Me” (2.30)
8. Elbow "Grounds for Divorce" (3.39)
9. Bach's Harpsichord Concerto In F Minor: Largo (2.57)
10. Chicory Tip – “Son Of My Father” (3.09)
11. Boney M – “Gotta Go Home” (3.45)
12. The King Blues – “We Are Fucking Angry” (3.04)
13. The Four Tops – “Reach Out I’ll Be There” (3.02)
14. Keith Caputo – “Got Monsters” (5.26)
15. The Isley Brothers – “Work To Do” (3.11)
16. Donny Osmond – “Puppy Love” (3.04)

"Barnacle Bill" ( Blue Peter Theme) (0.52)
18. Colin Smith – “Organ In Your Chest” (4.22)
19. The Heavy – "Who Needs the Sunshine?" (4.11)
20. Doris Day – “Que Sera Sera” (2.07)
21. Motor – “Black Powder” (7.28)

1. Episode one: heard (in the background) in the café.
2. Episode one: played in Leo’s barber shop.
3. Episode one: soundtracks Cutler's first appearance.
4. Episode two: listened to by Leo in the barber shop.
5. Episode two: heard as Hal and Pearl push Leo's car into Barry.
6. Episode two: soundtracks Tom's return home.
7. Episode two: soundtracks Hal arranging his dominos.
8. Episode three: soundtracks Tom strapping on the baby to go shopping!
9. Episode three: Hal's chill-out music.
10. Episode four: soundtracks the ‘70s prologue where Kirby's hit by a car.
11. Episode four: danced to by a triumphant Kirby after Annie's faded away.
12. Episode four: soundtracks Tom’s drunken rampage.
13. Episode five: briefly sung by Hal in the café.
14. Episode six: soundtracks the opening montage of Tom/Allison’s early-morning routines.
15. Episode six: sung along to by Hal as he cleans the café.
16. Episode six: soundtracks Allison’s vampire-staking training.
17. Episode six: soundtracks Allison's celebrations after Tom stakes a vampire.
18. Episode six: soundtracks Tom breaking up with Allison.
19. Episode seven: soundtracks a confrontation between Hal and Cutler.
20. Episode seven: Annie sings a snatch of this as she contemplates what to do about Eve.
21. Episode seven: plays in the nightclub as Tom is unleashed.

Ian Berriman

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