Being Human 5.03 "Pie And Prejudice" Spoiler-Free Preview

Being Human 5.03 "Pie And Prejudice" spoiler-free preview

The Mighty Boosh ’s Julian Barratt is more than a bit Alan Partridge as washed-up weatherman Larry Chrysler.

It’s a very funny episode, but also quite touching, as the unlikely bromance between Hal and Tom comes to the fore.

This might be the sweariest episode of Being Human ever. Expect plenty of “fuck”s, “wanker”s and “shit”s!

The episode title refers to another book, aside from the obvious one...

The episode's a bit filthy too - one toilet scene features two different sex acts!

Tom spends the episode trying to better himself.

We find about a very impressive new ghostly power.

We discover that Hal has been lying about something for centuries.

Alex gets an insight into what her future might hold.

Suicide is a theme once again. But Hatch (who takes a back seat this week) is not responsible.

Someone nearly loses their two veg.

Tom goes back to his roots.

We learn more about McNair’s life before he became a werewolf.

You’ll be left breathless when Hal flexes his muscles.

Ian Berriman

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