Behind the scenes: Pixar Studios

Above: A different angle on the atrium. The "Western Town" buildings are temporary props that celebrate the game and will most likely be used again at E3 2010

Above: These guys were scattered throughout the atrium like Easter eggs. Anyone else getting a Plants vs Zombies vibe?

Above: Well, one out of three ain't bad

Above: Another fashionable alien, urging you to try the Toy Story 3 game at any of the nearby monitors

Above: GamesRadar Editor Chris Antista tries out the game. Notice the Dos Equis bottle. Yes, we were allowed - no, encouraged! - to drink alcohol while walking around Pixar's studio

Above: Awww. Pixar employees' children were also invited to play

Above: Double awww. Another Toy Story 3 mural, hanging on the back wall of the atrium

Above: Pixar's mail room. Somehow, even this is dazzling

Above: Shuffleboard in the Pixar cafeteria. Notice the Luxo lamp again

Above: Of course, the Pixar cafe is named after Luxo as well. Not sure if those overhead lamps are designed to resemble the mascot or ifit's just a coincidence

Above: What you'd eat if you worked at Pixar. At least this week

Above: Pixar open bar. Who knew those words went together?

Above: The usual game demo grub, laid out on rather unusual decor

Above: The Pixar employee kitchen comes equipped with way more than a microwave and water cooler

Above: Notice the flyers in the previous shot? Here's a closer view. And if you've always wondered what Pixar's restrooms look like, don't forget to check out the third and final page!