Behind the scenes: Pixar Studios

Above: And this one's tucked away in the other corner

Above: At Pixar, even the toilets are whimsical. Woody for the men...

Above: And Bo Peep for the ladies

Above: Comedian / actor Jeff Garlin, discussing his role as Buttercup the Unicorn in both Toy Story 3 the movie and the game. Here, he's uttering a naughty word we're pretty sure didn't make it into the final cut

Above: The Pixar gift shop, where many a games journalist went broke

Above: See?

Above: Swag bags on the way out

Above: These Cars wish you farewell on the left of the exit

Above: While Sully and Mike wave goodbye on the right

Above: A final shot of the lamp in the late afternoon sun. That lightbulb could crush and kill GamesRadar Editor Charlie Barratt in a second

Above: Bye, Pixar. See you in our dreams

May 8, 2010

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