Beat these and win a PS3!

We asked you to show Metal Gears, the actual giant nuclear robots, in a positive light, and you damned sure did. It’s pretty interesting - we’ve actually watched a couple of you blossom into better artists throughout this goofy little sweepstakes. So you’ve got that going for you... even if you don’t take home the PS3.

Above: Also available in 80 gig Black!

We’ll be announcing the winner on next week’s podcast, so you have to listen! BWAHAHAHAHH!!! Oh and by the time this article posts, you’ll have less than twelve hours to ready submissions, so make haste!

Above: Kill it with water

Above: Snake's sleeper hold conjures fond recollections of Bubsy the Bobcat

Above: Still 1 mpg highway/0 mpg city

Above: Gekko protects thevulnerable hips of America

Above: Grape Job!