Beat the first level of CoD: Black Ops without firing a shot

Modern FPS games must walk a delicate line when guiding players down a linear... line. Makea game's path too wide and the game loses its pacing, or becomesconfusing, butmake it too narrow and the player realizes that it's just a ride. For most Call of Duty: Black Ops players, the balance was right, but not for the man who made the video below.

YouTube user Dave Bungle managed to survive the first level of Black Ops without firing a shot outside of scripted sequences. What's more, he did it on hardened difficulty. I think it's safe toassume that this isn't the wayTreyarch imagined players wouldexperience the game,though it's nice that the AI companions in the game are worth a damn. The whole video is an educational look at modern design, but the meat of the video starts at about the eleven minute mark.

Nov 17, 2010