Be afraid, because Rajang is coming to Monster Hunter World: Iceborne this October

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is barely a week old, yet Capcom's already announcing free post-launch title updates. The first title update is coming on October 10, less than a month after Iceborne's launch, and it's bringing one of the scariest and most-requested monsters in the series' history: Rajang. 

As you can see from its new trailer, Rajang is an electrified demon gorilla with absolutely zero chill. This monster is infamous for carting entire groups in multiplayer hunts with its wild, unpredictable attacks, and for punishing even the slightest slip-ups in solo hunts with hard-hitting combos. 

Rajang is an old-school beast, having been introduced in Monster Hunter 2. It's been a series staple ever since, and it's developed new powers and its own menacing personality over the years thanks to new mechanics. It was one of the toughest Apex monsters in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, for instance, and in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate it behaves even more erratically and dangerously than in previous games. It spins, it punches, it dive-bombs like Sonic the freakin' Hedgehog, and it shoots a giant laser. In previous games, Rajang's attacks also caused tremor and stun like it was nothing and they hit like freight trains, so I can only imagine what abilities it'll have in Iceborne. 

The good news is that Rajang's armor and weapons have also been popular throughout Monster Hunter's history, especially in MH4U where Rajang parts played a key role in many end-game mixed sets. There's little doubt that hunting Rajang in Iceborne will be difficult, but it should be worth it. You've got until October 10 to prepare yourself, so augment your armor and weapons and start praying, because Rajang's coming for ya. 

As we said in our Monster Hunter World: Iceborne review, the expansion's monster roster is already way bigger than anyone anticipated, so it's exciting to see yet more new monsters on the horizon.  

Austin Wood

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