Bayonetta 2 director is teasing something new with beautiful concept art

(Image credit: Tatsuya Yoshikawa)

Yusuke Hashimoto produced Bayonetta and directed Bayonetta 2, and in February he left Platinum Games after 13 years without revealing his plans for the future. Now we're getting our first sign of what's to come for the industry veteran. Hashimoto posted a piece of concept art for an "original project" featuring artwork by veteran video game illustrator and character designer Tasuya Yoshikawa, known for his work on the Devil May Cry, Mega Man, and Breath of Fire series.

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As you can see, Hashimoto leaves a lot to the imagination - actually, he leaves everything to the imagination. Virtually no other details beyond what you see in the tweet were provided, but damn the concept are looks cool. The wildly colorful visual features a female warrior of some sort - maybe a pirate? - and behind her is an image of someone riding a dragon with what looks to be a spear in their hand. There's some other neat details strewn about in the abstract background. If we know Hashimoto and Yoshikawa, it's bound to be a boundlessly creative joint venture with a visually striking art style.

This isn't the first collaboration between Hashimoto and Yoshikawa, the duo having most recently worked together on 2016's Star Fox Zero on Wii U. With the wide range of work coming out of these two talents, it's tough to speculate about what sort of project they could be working on together, but it's one we'll be sure to keep an eye on.

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