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Battlestar Galactica 4.16 "Deadlock" review

SPOILER: Saul Tigh's got woman trouble

Written by: Jane Espenson

Directed by: Bob Young

Ellen Tigh returns to the Fleet and proves a fly in the ointment for her husband and the rest of the Final Five. Meanwhile, Baltar’s coming over all humanitarian.

After the non-stop action and/or revelations of the last three episodes and just when we were expecting a big crescendo, “Deadlock” allows that final season momentum to slip away.

At least coming back from the dead hasn’t diminished Ellen’s ability to mess things up for her husband. In what’s essentially just an episode of Tigh family saga – thankfully, their issues are more interesting than the average couple – she’s driven completely by jealousy as she snipes at Caprica Six and sides with the members of the Five who want to leave the Fleet and join the Cylons.

If the drama’s not top-notch, however, the acting is: Kate Vernon proves a genius of manipulation as Ellen, while screen husband Michael Hogan delivers a masterclass in anguish after his unborn (pure Cylon) son, Liam, dies. There’s also some interesting stuff about the unstoppable integration of the Cylons into the Fleet, Baltar’s surprisingly altruistic quest to feed Galactica’s starving and a great set-up for the next episode, as it’s hinted that Anders might be about to wake up. Hopefully his return will provide the kickstart the story needs as it heads into the final straight.

39, 556

If Cavil hasn’t managed to find the rogue baseship and the Fleet since the Cylon civil war began, how come Boomer and Ellen find them so quickly?

We’re gasping to find out the truth about Starbuck and she’s reduced to a supporting player, flying a Viper and sitting in a bar. Rubbish!

Ellen: “Please do not tell me I was your mental porn. That’s just sad.”

Richard Edwards

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