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Battlestar Galactica 3.08: Hero review

US air date: 17/11/06

AIR-DATE: 17/11/06

Written by: David Eick

Directed by: Michael Rymer

Starring: D’Anna Biers, Carl Lumbly


The One Where: Adama may
have started the war...

Adama’s nearing
45 years in the service, so Roslin
organises a medal ceremony.

Three Cylon raiders turn up.
Two are chasing the third. Inside:
Bulldog, a pilot who’s escaped
after three years in captivity.

Bulldog was captured after a
secret recon mission overseen by
Adama when he commanded the
Battlestar Valkyrie. He was sent
into Cylon territory to look for
suspicious activity. When more
unidentified ships turned up
(Cylons, presumably), Adama had
Bulldog’s ship shot down to
prevent his capture. Unbeknownst
to Adama, he ejected.

After Tigh tells Bulldog the
truth, he attacks Adama. Tigh
saves the day, pointing out that
Bulldog’s doing just what the
Cylons want: they let him escape
so he could get revenge.

Adama tells Roslin all and
resigns. She tells him his penance
is to be the hero the fleet needs –
whether he likes it or not...

Another episode
marred by some plotholes. For
one thing, how does Bulldog find
Galactica? Although we suppose
he may have only thought he was
controlling his stolen Raider...

It all seems like an unlikely
Cylon plan: keep a prisoner for
three years, then let him go in
the hope he’ll be so narked that
he’ll kill his ex-boss. How would
they have known that Galactica’s
commander was responsible for
shooting Bulldog down, anyway?

The whole episode has a bit of
a cheesy whiff of retcon, and Tigh
being “fixed” so soon is annoying.

Adama: “I showed
them that we were the
warmongers they figured us to
be, and I left them but one
choice: to attack us before we
attacked them.”

Ian Berriman

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