Battlestar Galactica targets this fall

Monday 12 February 2007
It's been know forsome time that Vivendi's bringing a Battlestar Galactica title to PC and Xbox Live Arcade, but it's now got a release date according to the Hollywood Reporter - it's due this fall.

Based on the revived sci-fi TV series, the space combat game will be digital distribution-only for PC - and for Xbox 360, obviously - and features single-player and multiplayer modes. Players will be able to strap on space boots as both the Cylons and human factions and engage in combat from a first-person viewpoint, it's said.

Battlestar Galactica is being developed by Auran Games, with Vivendi subsidiary Sierra Online partnering with NBC Universal to make the game happen.

Galactica fans will be pleased to hear that the likes of the show's ships and sound effects are being brought over for the game, and it's possible that the cast will provide voice talent, although that remains to be confirmed.

"We wanted to bring a more intense combat experience to gamers. From a story standpoint, fans will be able to relive key battles from the first two seasons of the show, and then we'll add new content and missions outside of that," explained Bill Kispert, vice president interactive of NBC Universal.