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Battlefield 5 battle royale challenges appear in-game, suggesting imminent release

Spare a thought for Battlefield 5 (opens in new tab) this week when you have a chance. Not only has DICE's latest entry in the shooter series underachieved its sales expectations for publisher Electronic Arts, but the game's upcoming battle royale mode - Firestorm - now has to release in the wake of Apex: Legends (opens in new tab), Respawn's ridiculously popular, free-to-play variant of the last-man-standing death match. 

Even so, DICE is clearly gearing up for Firestorm's release, which we always knew would be launching in March as part of Battlefield 5's live service, but has already made a cameo of sorts in the game's latest update. Daily Orders are recurrent challenges that Battlefield 5 players can take on in the game's online multiplayer for extra XP and rewards for their Company, but a recent Order to appear on the main menu (opens in new tab) is all but impossible to complete. 

The Daily Order is called "Play Firestorm", and tasks players with scoring 500 points in the battle royale mode to complete it. Unfortunately, Firestorm isn't yet in the game, so no one has a chance in hell of beating this Order at present. We don't even know how the mode's points system works. 

The Battlefield 5 community, true to form, has been collectively taking the mickey out of this unfortunate snafu on DICE's part, though the Daily Order does seem to suggest that Firestorm will be arriving within the next few days or weeks. Could we be playing Battlefield's battle royale this time seven days from now? Some say it's far too late for the latest multiplayer trend to save this beleaguered shooter, but colour us at GamesRadar+ curious nonetheless. 

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