Battlefield 4 polls open for classic map updates

Battlefield's built up quite a selection of... battlefields in its dozen years of online combat. From semi-historical showdowns in Stalingrad to the devastated future of Molokai, 64 players have shot up a sizable chunk of the world one online match at a time. Now it looks like at least one of those classic maps may return in a grand Battlefield 4 reincarnation.

Developer DICE has opened up a survey that asks fans which of the series' dozens of maps they'd most like to see remade (possibly for a second time, if you count Battlefield 1943). The post doesn't explicitly say that the studio is definitely going to remake the most popular selections, but it seems to be a very likely candidate for post-Final Stand content.

DICE said elsewhere in the post that it plans to keep making more stuff for Battlefield 4 even though the 'Premium' content's five planned map packs have come and gone. What better place to start than with the series' rich history, right?

Even though the game is more than a year old, with the long-suffered connection issues a (mostly) distant memory and fan-pleasing map updates on the horizon, we could be headed for the golden age of Battlefield 4.

Connor Sheridan

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