Battlefield 3: First trailer - it's helicopters vs. jet fighters

First the good news... Woo hoo, the first trailer of DICE's brand new Battlefield title has finally emerged from cover confirming that oneof the best multiplayer experiences is indeed getting a full sequel in 2011. The bad news? There's barely anything elseof interest in this sneak-peektrailer.

What did you think? I mean, apart from the fact that for a game this big the trailer barely gives anything away in the measly 42 seconds or so that it runs for?

Take a trip to our sister site, CVG, as they've managed to find somemore detailson Battlefield 3.Amongst other things there's the reveal ofa few locations where you'll be taking the fight, includingParis, Tehran and bloody hell, not again,New York. Plus the announcement of the Frostbite 2 engine which promises even more immersion than ever.

We're properly excited aboutBattlefield 3, especially for the multiplayer side of things seeing as Call of Duty is becoming rather stale and predictable. The choppers, planes and masses of ground vehicles set it apart from the regularFPS affairs.

Sowhat do you want to see from this sequel? Let us know in the comments field below. We'll have more news on Battlefield 3 soon.

Feb 4, 2011

Nathan Irvine
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