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Battlefield 2142

The latest stormingentryfor the PC multiplayer shooter series Battlefield is out next week, and to keep your trigger fingers itching until then, hit the Movies tab above for two new clips.

The first is a brief-but-brutal demonstration of probably the most satisfying new addition: the great stomping Battlewalkers. You'll soon learnthat while theybristle with firepower, theirtowering height makes them ripe targets.

Second up is a longer demonstration of in-game, on-foot gameplay in the game's Titan mode, showing off the siege of the other side's flying cruiser and a whole lot of small-arms fire between people crawling around on their bellies (it's a Battlefield thing).

We'll be handing out the final verdict from the frontlines of Battlefield 2142 soon, but in the meantime, feel free to enlist in the multiplayer demo, availablehere.

October 10, 2006