Battlefield 2142

If current events are any indication, people around the world still won't have their problems sorted out in 136 years. This is great news for fans of the team-based military shooter franchise, Battlefield. EA and developer DICE have announced today that they are taking the conflict into the future to the year 2142. Battlefield 2142 will bring all of the massive online action to a futuristic battleground, where a new Ice Age forces the globe into a conflict over the last remaining fertile ground.

Complete with lumbering battle-mechs, deadly aircraft and an arsenal of wickedly fast four-wheelers, BF2142 hopes to repeat the success they've had with fast-paced team shooters set in the past century. High-tech toys for infantry are also planned: new assault rifles, vehicle-disabling EMP grenades and sneaky cloaking devices will help the ground-pounders make the most of it versus the mammoth vehicles BF is known for.

Look for the new Ice Age to hit us just in time for winter. Battlefield 2142 is due out late this year.