Battlefield 2042 devs encourage everyone to "play the fudging objective" through in-game sign

Battlefield 2042
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A Battlefield 2042 player has found an in-game sign from the devs telling players to play the objective.

Just below, you can see a discovery from a Battlefield 2042 player last week, when EA DICE's brand new shooter first opened the early access doors on Friday. The player discovers that on a subway map on the Kaleidoscope zone in South Korea, there's a message from the developers reading "why are you reading this play the fudging objective."

That sure is one way to get players to focus on the objective, and not a subtle way of messaging it at that. Then again, the only reason anyone would've even discovered this in the first place was if they were deliberately scouring every inch of Battlefield 2042's expansive maps and not playing the objective. 

It's only natural to wonder if there are any more of these subliminal hints lying around the game, which is surely going to lead to even more time away from the objectives. With all these little details that EA DICE has been sprinkling around their brand new shooter, is it really our fault if we abandon the objectives to focus on finding these hidden details?

Battlefield 2042 launched in early access last week on November 12, for all who pre-ordered the Gold or Ultimate editions of EA DICE's new shooter. Battlefield 2042's full launch doesn't even hit until later this week, but we've already seen some brilliantly creative plays from the community, including one player who used a jet fighter to claim 16 lives in one second flat.

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