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Battlefield 1's online beta doesn't need PS Plus but it does need Xbox Live

The Battlefield 1 beta kicks off today for Battlefield Insiders and tomorrow for everyone else who didn't hurriedly sign up for the program before the cut off. Interestingly though it seems that there's a big difference between those who are playing on Xbox One or PS4. 

As revealed by the official Battlefield account on Twitter, if you're on Sony's side of the console trenches you don't have to have an active PlayStation Plus subscription, but if you're on Microsoft's you'll need Xbox Live. 

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The Battlefield 1 beta gives you access to two modes on its sprawling Sinai Desert map in the Middle East. Conquest and Rush modes are up for the testing and if you reach rank 15 and play on at least four different days - this hints at a longer than 4 day beta - you'll get a special dog tag when the full game launches on October 21.  

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Louise Blain

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