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Battlefield 1's beta struggles as EA's servers suffer a DDOS attack

EA's Battlefield 1 open beta has had an unfortunate first 24 hours. After opening to everyone yesterday, the servers promptly crashed, meaning that no one was able to set foot on the Sinai Desert for more than 12 hours. 

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However, it doesn't seem to be EA's fault. A prominent hacking group has claimed responsibility for downing EA's Origin service. EA's official Battlefield account had to spend a lot of time thanking people for their patience while things get sorted. The below Tweet was sent at 04:30 am BST confirming that things should be back online now. For those still having problems, EA suggests power cycling your console and router and then checking again. 

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It's unclear whether the Battlefield 1 beta will be extended to make up for the outage but if this happens, it'll be announced via the official Twitter account. 

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Have you suffered from the outage and are you back online now? Let us know in the comments. 

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