Battlefield 1 vehicles trailer has a lot to be tank-ful for, it's biplane to see

Driving a tank in Battlefield 1 is supposed to make you feel like a terror of ground warfare. Sure, the ridiculously boxy and bulky frame makes your ride look more like a rogue train car than anything most folks would associate with a modern war machine, but just let them poke fun until you come SMASHING THROUGH THEIR SITTING ROOM. Don't try the same trick with a biplane though. As the DICE developers point out in this new video, they're really lightweight and you'll probably just bounce off and die.

Just like in creating the weapons of Battlefield 1, DICE is using authenticity as a starting point but building out its vehicles with a more "modern perspective". So you won't need a crew of eight to get your tank moving and then pull it out of the mud once the engine breaks down. There was a noticeable lack of horses in that trailer, but I'll just have to hope that equestrian warfare gets its own video.

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Connor Sheridan

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