Battleborn will be borne into battle in February 2016

Update: Battleborn will release on February 9, 2016, 2K and Gearbox announced at Gamescom 2015. They also shared a stylish trailer that introduces four new heroes to the MOBA-inspired shooter: Ambra the priestess, Mellka the assassin, Reyna the pistol-packing Valkyrie, and Benedict, the bird-man with a rocket launcher.

Original story: Gearbox will release Battleborn this winter, and it's marked the announcement with a new trailer and more details about its cartoony "hero shooter." That's a more action-packed way to say "online shooter where you kill creeps and level up like in a MOBA."

Being said variety of shooter isn't at all a bad thing, of course. Battleborn's cast of 25 characters look like they'd be a fine addition to any online battle arena, representing plenty of unique shapes, sizes, and unique ways to rain hot death on opponents. Each hero has a distinct progression system which will reset between matches, as well as a persistent character rank which unlocks new leveling options and aesthetic tweaks.

Check out some of the charismatic belligerents in the stylish trailer below. I particularly like the look of Miko, the mushroom-person "combat botanist." How many games let you practice the subtle art of combat botany?

Aside from three 5-on-5 competitive modes, Battleborn will also have a co-operative story mode. Gearbox says up to five friends can play through the modular, replayable story together "via splitscreen or online," and it'll be interesting to see how it handles five player perspectives on a single screen at once - though you're also free to play through all by yourself.

We'll find out soon enough. Battleborn's planned for release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and it'll be playable at 2K Games' E3 booth.

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