BattleBit Remastered ban wave claims hundreds of players mid-match, leaving others confused and a bit impressed

BattleBit Remastered players run around a dim battleground
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BattleBit Remastered just unleashed a new ban wave earlier this week, seeing hundreds of accounts wiped out mid-match.

The low-poly FPS is the new hotness on Steam right now, partially because it's a damn good time, but also because it hosts massive, 254-strong player matches. That sounds like fun, but matches can get instantly turned on their heads if a ban wave strikes mid-match.

That's exactly what happened earlier this week on July 5. Right as players were in the middle of a game, developer SgtOkiDoki came down on cheaters with the ban hammer, immediately taking hundreds of accounts out of matches of BattleBit Remastered for cheating.

THE PURGE from r/BattleBitRemastered

A "purge" is definitely an accurate descriptor of what's going on here. SgtOkiDoki pledged more anti-cheat tools earlier this week, after BattleBit Remastered suffered multiple DDoS attacks on its servers. Apparently those anti-cheat efforts included banning players for cheating.

Ban wave? This has been going on for like 10 min from r/BattleBitRemastered

Cheating isn't the only thing players have been banned for though. As proved by the player below, BattleBit Remastered players can be banned for spamming messages in the in-game chat, which means SgtOkiDoki is looking outside the usual parameters of cheating in the new ban wave. 

It may not be much, but it's an honest work from r/BattleBitRemastered

Honestly, a lot of players are quiet impressed that BattleBit Remastered's devs have been so quick to bring down the ban hammer on players so soon after launch. Considering the hit FPS just launched in the middle of June, it's a pretty quick turnaround for SgtOkiDoki to unleash a ban wave on cheaters and annoying players alike.

This must be music to the ears of BattleBit Remastered players far and wide, but it'd still suck if you were an innocent player and you had half your team taken out by the ban wave in the middle of a match. Then again, there's never really an ideal time to issue bans, and the developer will understandably go to any measure to keep their game clean of cheaters.

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