Battle Los Angeles gets a revealing new trailer

Battle Los Angeles

A second trailer for alien invasion film Battle: Los Angeles has crash-landed online.

Where the first trailer was an effective, dialogue-free montage that featured some startling images but not much else besides, this new look at the film is stuffed with information.

Essentially, it follows the titular invasion of LA by hostile aliens, who set out to colonise the human race. Naturally, the military are having none of it. Cue battles and explosions aplenty.

Check out the new trailer below…

Despite the Inception -inspired music, Independence Day -inspired plot, and some Transformers -inspired robo sound effects, Battle: LA is looking like one heck of a ride.

For a start, it could have the best beach war scene since Atonement and Saving Private Ryan .

Then there’s the epic action scenes paired with the promise of an intimate, hand-held approach. This is seeming more and more like a 2011 must-see.

Battle: Los Angeles opens 11 March.

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