Battalion Wars 2

Wednesday 23 August 2006
After a lengthy wait in the lengthy Wii queue - the Leipzig Game Convention really is the new E3! - we were able to play a multiplayer match of the recently announced Battalion Wars 2. Featuring the Xylvanians and other familiar sides from the original (the final game will feature six playable sides), we were tasked with protecting positions on the map from rampaging show-goers.

Looking at Battalion Wars 2 in action, you might be forgiven for thinking it's still the original game - the major difference being, of course, the control method. We used the Nunchuck controller to move our current character and the Wii-mote to point and shoot with the crosshairs. Shaking the Nunchuck made our soldier roll or jump when on foot.

Above: Use the Nunchuck controller to move your character and the Wii-mote to point and shoot

At least in the short burst of a behind-closed-doors demo, it's a welcoming and simple control scheme although, as with any Wii game, there's a concern that it could become uncomfortable in drawn-out battles. The bigger issue is that, other than simply being able to play multiplayer at all, it doesn't yet feel like anything has changed in-game - there's nothing that couldn't have been achieved with a normal controller.

That said, it's already feeling much more solid than we'd expect from a first showing, obviously benefiting from GameCube and Wii's similar architecture. If all you wanted was more Battalion Wars - and the ability to play it with your mates - this sequel certainly doesn't disappoint.