Batman: Arkham City Harley Quinns Revenge achievement/trophy guide

How’s It Hanging

Clean up the Dry Docks

This unlocks after you clear out all the enemies and incapacitate Harley while visiting the Dry Docks as Robin.

Lost Property

No crimefighter should be without this

This is a story-related achievement, and unlocks upon completing the first Robin section.

Party’s Over

Destroy all Harley Balloons

You will need to destroy all 30 balloons scattered throughout the DLC to complete this achievement. Check out our Harley's balloons collectibles guide HERE. If you are in a collecting mood check out our complete Batman: Arkham City collectibles guide HERE. It has all the Riddler mystery solutions along with the location of ever Joker teeth, penguin and camera in the game.

Snap To It

Snap Flash an unarmed thug, an armed thug, an environmental object, and a Titan

Above: An example of each Snap Flash requirement

You must pull this off in one playthrough for this to count. Snap Flash is Quickfired by holding left trigger/L1 and pressing B/Circle when near an enemy. Repeat the inputs to detonate. Finding an armed (as in gun-wielding) and an unarmed thug is easy enough, but there aren’t many opportunities to Snap Flash environmental objects - and there is only one Titan in the entire DLC episode.

A good time to check off your environmental object is while controlling Robin for the second time. When emerging from the floor grate and encountering the sniper, instead of taking him head on, look for a duct to your right. Follow this into a room where you have access to moving cranes. Put a snap flash on one of the cranes, then detonate it when it moves behind the sniper. You’ll also have less reliable opportunities while clearing the Dry Docks later.

The only Titan you’ll encounter is found after clearing out the Dry Docks and returning to the Joker Shrine. You’ll be greeted by a massive group of thugs and one Titan.

The Last Laugh

The joke’s on who?

Complete Harley Quinn’s Revenge to unlock this achievement.