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Batman: Arkham City DLC leak suggests Harley Quinn story missions with playable Robin

Holy downloadable content, Batman! Those pesky trophy and achievement lists always give the game away, don't they? Looks like it's the case again, as a trophy list for the fourth DLC installment for Batman: Arkham City reveals that Harley Quinn and Robin will be involved and perhaps even playable in new story and challenge missions. Tough luck, B-Man!

Above: We do hope Harley Quinn gets her turn in the limelight. Though in fairness, she's unlikely to fight crime

Warner Bros has not commented on the rumour, let alone confirmed it, so take it as a 'maybe' for now. That said, according to PS3Trophies, the full trophy list for the PS3 add-on named 'Harley Quinn DLC' (which will likely be identical to the Xbox 360 Achievements list) is as follows:

Lost Property [Bronze] - No crimefighter should be without this
Breaking and Entering [Bronze] - Find a way into the secret base
How's It Hanging? [Silver] - Clean up the Dry Docks
The Last Laugh [Silver] - The joke's on who?
Frequent Flyer [Bronze] - Zip Kick 3 different thugs
Battering Ram [Bronze] - Shield Bash 5 different thugs
Snap To It [Bronze] - Snap Flash an unarmed thug, an armed thug, an environmental object and a Titan
Bomb Squad [Bronze] - Defuse all bombs in 3 minutes or less
A Few New Tricks [Bronze] - Use 5 different Quickfire gadgets in one fight as Robin in Harley Quinn's Revenge
Party's Over [Silver] - Destroy all Harley Balloons

If true, it looks like Robin's going to playable again. But will we be able to play as Harley? And can anybody forget that her mo-cap was done by a bloke? We can't see anything else when we see her. Stupid internet.

Source: PS3Trophies (opens in new tab)

Justin Towell
Justin Towell

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