Bat to basics

And you thought the guy in the suit had all the fun? Well, since listening to Chris Nolan’s bat chat this week, it’s obvious that the Dark Knight has the Londoner firmly in his grasp and that’s just the way he likes it.

After the summer smash Batman Begins, Nolan is credited as the fella who gave the breathless bat franchise a successful and much needed bout of mouth-to-mouth and now it seems he can’t get the pointy-eared crime fighter out of his head.

“We are talking about doing a sequel right now,” the Memento director said, after being quizzed on the latest flying rodent rumours. "David (Goyer, co-writer) and I have been talking about where we're taking the characters. We know what we're doing and we're pretty excited about it, but it's still very early. I'm actually making another film first that I'm just in pre-production on, so it's a bit of a way off.”

The last scenes of Batman Begins suggest an upcoming appearance from the smiling sicko The Joker. The latest internet rumours are that the clown prince of crime will be played by none other than former Batman Michael Keaton… fetch the flasks and the sleeping bags people, the line starts here and we’re at the front.