Based on approximately 60 seconds of off-screen footage, Starfield fans think they can see some serious gameplay improvements

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Starfield fans are impressed by the tiny snippets of new gameplay footage revealed in the background of today's delay announcement.

As Todd Howard discussed the game's new release date and the upcoming Starfield Direct in June, footage of the game could be seen running on a TV behind him, as well as on developer's screens throughout the video. While those clips offered little more than the briefest glimpse at Starfield, fans are pleased with what they can see - even if Bethesda is hiding its coolest footage yet inside this bizarre format.

"Is it just me or does the gameplay in the background look much smoother than what we saw last year?" asks one. Another described it as "smooth like butter," and yet more suggested that factors like frame rates and lighting also looked better than they had in the past.

It's worth noting, of course, that Bethesda's got total control over this footage, and it's likely that everything shown off here is running on impressive PC hardware, and may even have been scrubbed to ensure no janky dropped frames. Regardless of the hardware performance, however, the trailer has also revealed a whole suite of new gameplay details. And like any game community that's been waiting (im)patiently for more information, Starfield players-in-waiting are already poring over every detail they can spot.

Highlights include the return of the looting system style from Fallout 4, confirmation of various different armor types include Thermal, Airborne, Corrosive, and Radiation (as well as a very large number of different helmets), and an array of "eldritch horrors beyond your imagination." Less popular is the fact that Starfield's XP bar is still lodged firmly beneath your crosshair, but hey, you can't have everything. Over on the Starfield subreddit, fans are committed to taking on the clips with a fine-tooth comb, so we're likely to learn more over the coming days.

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