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Freedom of speech is a fundamental building block of not just the US, but many of the world's civilized countries. However, when free speech consists of exposing our impressionable populace to content of questionable taste, the ruling suits often step in and make exceptions. In some cases - snuff films, for instance - it makes sense. Other times... we'll let you be the judge.

United States of America
Land of the free? Riiight. While very few games are actually banned in the US - and even when they are, it’s in individual states rather than nationwide - anything with a hint of blood or boobs in it immediately becomes a cause célèbre for a crusading politician ormadman(hello, Jack Thompson and Hillary Clinton). In 2004, The Guy Game, a seedy quiz title for PC and consoles, was banned because one of its models was only 17 - not a problem in itself, but she revealed her bosoms in a cutscene from the ‘Titwitz’ game mode. That word again: ‘Titwitz’.