Back to (ninja) school

The first Clash of Ninja landed on the GameCube just this past March - it was a fast-paced, one-on-one fighter that did the stunningly popular Cartoon Network series justice. We liked it more than a little bit, anyway, as ourreview shows. Fans of the melodramatic ninja students can already look forward to Clash of Ninja 2 in September.

Above: The roster of fighters grows extensively for Clash of Ninja 2

The second trip to the playground will feature 23 hyperactive characters, plus four-player battles and, of course, all-new moves. It's worth noting that this game's been out in Japan for years already (the series is up to four installments there), but with the anime and manga exploding through the US, we're still on the very beginning of the Naruto merchandise tsunami.

May 1, 2006