Back 4 Blood hotfix makes the apocalypse easier with fewer Mutations

Back 4 Blood
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The first Back 4 Blood update should make the Mutations less of a thorn in your side.

Developer Turtle Rock issued patch notes for a hotfix that rolled out overnight, telling players that it was making "an attempt to address some of the concerns regarding the challenges presented by some difficulties" in Campaign mode. Essentially, it's an attempt to make the game a little easier, which the team is doing by decreasing the spawn rate of 'Special' Ridden on all difficulties. The patch also adjusts some Supply Point earning rates when players are repeating levels.

Swarm mode is getting some adjustments too. Bruisers should go down faster thanks to an increase in weakspot multiplier and a drop in max health, and should also hit a little less hard. Stingers and Hockers have been adjusted, making some aspects of their projectiles easier to land, but others harder. Finally, Tallboys are getting a slight damage increase, but no adjustment to health.

The adjustment to Mutation spawn rates is likely to prove popular with the game's community. Back 4 Blood players have been expressing their frustration with the quantity of special Ridden, particularly at higher difficulties, and our Back 4 Blood review discussed just how often they arrive in game. It's interesting, however, that Turtle Rock has adjusted difficulty down so early, as players are likely to work out the best tactics over time, making it a little easier to work around the biggest threats.

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