Baby Cruise is born

The things some people will do to get out of work. It’s surely no coincidence that Katie Holmes yesterday gave birth to daughter Suri Holmes-Cruise just as her actor fiancé was preparing to be grilled by the press at a junket for Mission: Impossible III.

All right, so even cynical old us can’t quite claim that he planned the birth of his child in such as way as to get him out of publicity duties. But you know premiere managers around the world will be sweating as they wait to see which of their M:I-3 events the new father will cancel so that he can spend time jumping on the couch and making googly-eyes at the new arrival.

At press time, the child was already worth $700 million and had been offered her own production company on the Paramount lot. Okay, we made that up. But be honest: who would you rather have making your movie – a newborn or Uwe Boll? Surely no competition.

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