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Avowed may or may not be at E3 according to different sources

(Image credit: Obsidian)

Avowed may or may not be being shown during E3 2021 according to differing reports.

Yesterday, Jeff Grubb released a new episode (opens in new tab) of The Game Mess Show podcast in which he was asked by a viewer if we can expect to see Avowed at E3. Jeff responded, "No." However, on ResetERA (opens in new tab), a user called sponger, who has a history of leaks regarding Obsidian and InXile (opens in new tab), seems to think otherwise.

According to sponger, "the info that I have is that "we'll have a trailer for our big game at E3". They also say that "Avowed will be shown this year" and "game is in great shape, almost fully on schedule."

While Jeff sounded confident in his answer, sponger said, "I was convinced that it would be a gameplay trailer for E3. Now I'm pretty much confused."

It's possible that if there is a trailer on the way if the notes from sponger are to be believed. A trailer could be revealed surrounding E3 but not the incredibly busy event itself, or maybe we'll see something later in the year.

Avowed is a new IP from Obsidian and announced after the studio was acquired by Microsoft. It will take place in the Pillars of Eternity universe and was announced during the Xbox Games Showcase last year. It seems to be a first-person title with heavy medieval-type fantasy themes.

Microsoft Studios head, Matt Booty has described the game as something Obsidian has wanted to make for years and has been "built from the ground up to take advantage of Xbox Series X." It has just been revealed that the studio will have all future titles published by Microsoft rather than Private Division.

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