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Any future The Outer Worlds titles will be published by Microsoft

The Outer Worlds
(Image credit: Obsidian)

Microsoft will be publishing any "future iterations" within The Outer Worlds franchise, according to a statement given to Gamaustra (opens in new tab) from Private Division. 

Private Division, which is owned by Take-Two, cleared up some confusion around any future The Outer Worlds games and who would be holding the reins. While Microsoft purchased Obsidian back in 2018, the company worked with Private Division to publish the title. And according to IGN (opens in new tab), during a recent Take-Two Q4 2021 earnings call, president Karl Slatoff made comments that suggested the partnership would continue going forward, stating, "we will be participating in the franchise and whatever the future holds for that franchise," Slatoff said. "So we feel really good about it. And we think that it's still building audience and this game itself has a lot of life left in it. And in the future -- we'll see what the future holds for it. But we do think it's a long-term franchise and it is certainly something that we're pleased with the results."

Despite this, Microsoft will be publishing any future Outer Worlds titles. Private Division will still support The Outer Worlds, especially through the upcoming release of its Murder on Eridanos DLC for Nintendo Switch. The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos DLC dropped for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles on March 17. The rest of Private Division's statement reads, "Moving forward, Obsidian and Microsoft will be publishing future iterations in the franchise, and we're absolutely thrilled to see where they take it." 

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Alyssa Mercante
Alyssa Mercante

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