Netflix's Avatar: The Last Airbender live-action show shares impressive first look at the Fire Nation

Avatar: The Last Airbender
(Image credit: Netflix)

Netflix has shared the first look at the Fire Nation in its upcoming Avatar: The Last Airbender live-action series – and it should extinguish any lingering doubts about how the show will look.

Uncle Iroh (Paul Sun-Hyung), Azula (Elizabeth Yu), Zuko (Dallas Liu), Zhao (Ken Leung), and Fire Lord Ozai (Daniel Dae-Kim) can be seen in the gallery below. 

Set for 2024, Avatar: The Last Airbender will adapt the wildly-popular and acclaimed Nickelodeon show that aired from 2005 to 2008.

As the Netflix series’ synopsis proves, the live-action show won’t stray too far from the source material – which featured four nations based on the four elements – earth, air, water, and fire – and the wait for the next ‘Avatar’, a ‘bender’ who can manipulate all four elements.

"The four nations once lived in harmony, with the Avatar, master of all four elements, keeping peace between them. But everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked and wiped out the Air Nomads, the first step taken by the firebenders towards conquering the world. With the current incarnation of the Avatar yet to emerge, the world has lost hope."

The Fire Nation, then, are set to be a fearsome presence in The Last Airbender. On first glance, they certainly look the part. While that’s only step one of bringing a beloved property to life, looking authentic to its source material didn’t do Netflix’s other big adaptation this year – One Piece – any harm at all.

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