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Avatar sequels shooting back to back



Avatar 2 and 3 could be shot back to back according to heavyweight director James Cameron.

While discussing various projects with MTV this weekend, Cameron talked about the possibilities of the Na’Vi follow-ups.

He confirmed that, though we know Pandora's oceans will be involved , he won’t even pick up a pen – or, alright, load up Final Draft on his PC – until the projects have officially been greenlit.

“We don’t start the movie until we get the deals worked out,” he sensibly explained, before adding that he’s not “sitting idle” – he’s currently making notes and working on the Avatar novelisation.

Meanwhile, he also spoke about the back to back shooting possibilities, stating:

“That is something that makes a lot of sense, given the nature of these productions, because we can bank all the [ motion ] capture and then go back and do cameras over a period of time…

“The way these back-to-back productions fall apart is that you’re trying to do two live-action films back to back, and you’re working on it for a year and a half, shooting. Everyone is dead. It’s not humanly possible. This type of film, it absolutely would work.”

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