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Avatar international trailer arrives...

On Friday we briefly managed to show you the bootleg Avatar feature trailer, and for those who saw it, the promo was like all your Christmases loaded into a cannon and shot in your face.

That was just the bootleg though, so we took it down... this is how it was meant to be seen.

To sate appetites until the Official feature trailer arrives, here is the International trailer, and it's very similar - if not slightly longer - and just as impressive.

Wow. Wow. Just... wow! With the story given a context, with the epic score making the heart pulse, with the breathtaking visuals making you rub your eyes, this is everything Cameron has been promising - and it's not even 3D yet!

Watch this space for the Official feature trailer - without those pesky subtitles - hopefully later today...

Avatar is released 18 December.

Did you see the bootleg? Still impressed? Let us know!