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XCOM: Enemy Unknown research and engineering guide

Foundry Projects

The Foundry is a facility that can be constructed once you’ve researched “Experimental Warfare,” which has no prerequisites. It is here that you can improve all aspects of your XCOM capabilities – at a cost, of course. Unlike the research done in laboratories, which requires scientists, research done in the Foundry requires engineers.

Note that the credit cost is not included here, as it varies depending on the research you’ve done and/or satellite coverage bonuses.

Project: Heavy Weapons Platform

Outcome: Combat drone for use in battle (replaces soldier)
Cost: 5 engineers

Project: Alien Grenades

Outcome: Alien Grenades (more powerful than standard grenades)
Cost: 20 engineers, 20 weapon fragments, 25 alien alloys, 10 Elerium, 1 salvaged Alien Grenade

Project: Improved Medkit

Outcome: Medkits heal 50% more
Cost: 15 engineers, 20 fragments, 4 Thin Man corpses

Project: Improved Arc Thrower

Outcome: Increases Arc Thrower stun rate
Cost: 10 engineers, 20 fragments, 20 alloys, 20 Elerium, 4 Drone wrecks

Project: Advanced Repair

Outcome: Reduces repair time of interceptors and S.H.I.V. units
Cost: 20 engineers, 30 alloys, 10 Elerium, 4 Heavy Floater corpses

Project: S.H.I.V. Laser

Outcome: S.H.I.V. miniguns replaced by laser guns
Cost: 10 engineers, 15 fragments, 30 alloys

Project: S.H.I.V. Plasma

Outcome: S.H.I.V. weapons replaced by plasma guns
Cost: 20 engineers, 30 fragments, 45 alloys, 30 Elerium

Project: S.H.I.V. Repair

Outcome: Arc Throwers can repair S.H.I.V.s mid-combat
Cost: 10 engineers, 15 alloys, 15 Elerium

Project: S.H.I.V. Suppression

Outcome: S.H.I.V.s gains Suppression ability
Cost: 15 engineers

Project: Drone Capture

Outcome: Arc Throwers can control Drones for the remainder of mission
Cost: 10 engineers, 20 fragments, 4 Drone wrecks

Project: Ammo Conservation

Outcome: All weapons carry more ammo
Cost: 15 engineers, 20 fragments, 90 alloys, 6 Muton corpses

Project: Advanced Construction

Outcome: Faster construction of vehicles and facilities
Cost: 30 engineers, 20 fragments, 50 alloys, 30 Elerium, 2 Sectopod wrecks

Project: Advanced Flight

Outcome: Flight time of Hover S.H.I.V.s and Archangel Armor increased
Cost: 25 engineers, 50 alloys, 50 Elerium

Project: Improved Pistol I

Outcome: Critical hit chance of pistols increased
Cost: 5 engineers, 5 fragments

Project: Improved Pistol II

Outcome: Aim of pistols increased
Cost: 10 engineers, 25 fragments, 20 alloys

Project: Improved Pistol III

Outcome: Max damage of pistols increased
Cost: 20 engineers, 50 fragments, 10 alloys, 10 Elerium

Project: Stealth Satellites

Outcome: Reduced chance of UFOs finding satellites
Cost: 20 engineers, 20 alloys, 20 Elerium, 3 UFO flight computers

Project: S.C.O.P.E. Upgrade

Outcome: Critical hit chance increased
Cost: 10 engineers, 15 fragments

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