Xbox 360 first to hit 1000 games

Microsoft is confident that having a huge library of games on its console will attract the mainstream masses, as it says Xbox 360 will be the first current-gen console to reach a games library of 1000 games this summer (that's Xbox Live Arcade included).

That's according to European Xbox VP Chris Lewis, who told trade magMCVthat, coupled with Xbox Live, the milestone will help attract more mainstream consumers to Microsoft's console.

"We'll have north of 1,000 games on 360 by the summer, across Live and boxed product," Lewis said. "Titles such as our sports games, Scene It! and Guitar Hero - which has become a preferential experience on Xbox 360 - has already proved that, and we have lot more coming in that space this year.

"The number of people that have signed up to the Live service so far is testament to the fact that there are a broad spectrum of consumers enjoying the service," he added.

"That can only grow as we expand the likes of Live Arcade and Live Video Store. We're listening hard to what casual consumers want as you see us release more and more content that appeals to a broad audience."

They're being a bit cheeky with the numbers (of course they haven't got 1000 boxed games yet) but of course 360's massive games library isn't something to be snuffed at. After all, isn't the unmatched variety of games the reasons so many people bought PS2s?

Courtesy of CVG.

Mar 14, 2008