WWE 2K18 roster: all 187 confirmed wrestlers profiled, including DLC (Hardy Boyz, Elias and more)

Ricky Steamboat

Er… make that three Ric(k)s and a Ricky? Hmmm, sounds like a terrible '90s movie. Thankfully, nothing Steamboat did back then was anything less than great, although his gimmick as the fire-breathing 'Dragon' did a disservice to the career highlights that had gone before – including greatest-match-ever contenders against Randy Savage and Ric Flair.

Rich Swann

Fans initially failed to connect with WWE’s cruiserweight division upon its autumn introduction, with one exception: the nimble-footed, charisma-soaked Swann. More-than-competent tussles with Brian Kendrick resulted in an all-too-brief title reign, and while he had a quiet start to 2017, Swann now feels entrenched as one of the true stars of Tuesday’s 205 Live show.


The 'keesh went through a number of WWE gimmicks before finding one that stuck – from the brilliant, if uncomfortably stereotypical, Headshrinkers to the absolutely horrendous Sultan. But, it turns out, 'fat guy shoves ass in faces' gets a reaction from all demographics. His sons, the Usos, are now prospering in WWE too, thankfully with cheeks firmly hidden from view.

Rob Vam Dam

Image from WWE 2K16

Image from WWE 2K16

Like Batista, long-time ECW favourite RVD featured on our list of 9 superstars shockingly dumped from WWE 2K17 – and like Batista, he returns after a one-year absence as part of the John Cena (Nuff) Special Edition. With only two real-life matches since October 2015, this is the only chance you'll get to see him step between the ropes anytime soon.

The Rock

Now Hollywood's second highest-paid actor after Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson continues along his path to total world domination – and barring a major falling out with WWE, there's zero chance of him ever being left out of one of 2K's games. 

Rock 'N Roll Express (DLC)

While the 205 Live and NXT inclusions within WWE 2K18 are almightily pleasing, they've come at a price: and it's a big reduction in the number of wrestling legends added to the series. There are only three true first-timers in this department: The Model Rick Martel on-disc, and 2017 Hall Of Famers Robert Gibson and Ricky Morton, AKA The Rock 'N Roll Express, as DLC.

Roderick Strong

Of late 2K has set a smart precedent of including up-and-coming NXT names on its series roster – and Strong featuring on disc, rather than as DLC, deserves a pat on the back. He's expected to challenge Drew McIntyre for the NXT Championship in the coming months, and should then make the leap to WWE's main roster in mid-2018.

Roman Reigns

Three consecutive WrestleMania main events have done little to affect Reigns' status as WWE's most divisive character. Indeed it's a label the promotion has begun to embrace, such as the milking of negative fan chants on Raw the night after he 'retired' the Undertaker. Love him or hate him, he's likely still going to be one of the series' highest-rated stars when WWE 2K24 rolls around…

Ruby Riot (DLC)

Once a favourite of the independent wrestling circuit as Heidi Lovelace, Riot has impressed since debuting on NXT TV in March, with some quality bouts against Sanity's Nikki Cross. Future feuds with fellow prospects Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville seem likely, although not in 2K18 – Ruby is the only one of that trio headed to the game as DLC.


Where once Cesaro was the most criminally under-utilised man in WWE, now Rusev can lay claim to the same title – not that it's one he'd want. He's had strong matches with almost every headliner in the company, and is hilarious when given promo time, yet rarely scores meaningful wins and has never won a world title. Fix this in WWE 2K18, people.