WWE 2K18 roster: all 187 confirmed wrestlers profiled, including DLC (Hardy Boyz, Elias and more)

Noam Dar

The Highlanders are long gone from WWE and Drew McIntyre rejoined the company too late to make 2K18 (at least on-disc), making 205 Live's Dar the only man representing Scottish hopes in digitised wrestling form. Still, his first ever videogame appearance is a big deal, and we may yet get countryman McIntyre as DLC.


It's been a rollercoaster year for Norwich's femme fatale – despite featuring in precisely zero matches because of injury. Private video leaks and negative press regarding her relationship with Alberto Del Rio has led Paige to keep a low profile, but WWE 2K18 places her back where she belongs.


Former tag partners R-Truth and Goldust looked set for a spicy summer feud when the pair split after Goldy walloped his former buddy – only for WWE to quietly drop the angle without any clear resolution. Shame. Despite their split, we expect their tag-team entrance to remain as an in-game option, just in case you fancy an unlikely reunion.

Randy Orton

The Viper hasn't enjoyed the best of years, flopping in a snoozefest against Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania, and then suffering numerous defeats in an interminable series against WWE Champion Jinder Mahal. All that can be set straight in 2K18, should you wish – but please, no more Cena feuds. 

Randy Savage

Macho Man's become such a fixture in WWE games this decade that it's easy to forget he went 17 years without appearing in one – from 1994's Royal Rumble to 2011's WWE All-Stars. (And how we've made up for that by using him relentlessly since his return.) We'd love to see real-life brother Lanny Poffo, AKA The Genius, added at some point too.

Razor Ramon & Scott Hall

The most legendary toothpick-slinger in WWE history once again makes 2K's on-disc roster, though unlike Outsiders partner (and real-life best pal) Kevin Nash he was only initially announced as Razor Ramon. Thankfully a development team rep, posting on the official 2K forums, has since confirmed that both of Hall's most memorable gimmicks are playable.

The Revival

Called up to the main roster one night after WrestleMania 33, no team has had less luck in 2017 than Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder. Shortly after joining Raw, Wilder suffered a broken jaw which put them out of action for eight weeks; then, upon their return, Dawson was struck down with a biceps tear. Effectively they're exclusive to videogame rings until 2018.

Ric Flair

The Nature Boy's robe is one of the classic WWE artefacts destroyed by Seth Rollins in 2K18's cover reveal trailer, effectively confirming his place on the roster. That suspicion was confirmed by 2K in late August, and we'd expect at least two different playable versions of Flair, from different eras, to make the final game.

Rick Martel

This is a huge breakthrough; despite being home to numerous wrestling legends across its 17-year history, Rick 'The Model' Martel has never appeared in the Smackdown/2K series. Until now. Younger fans may not be aware of his greatness, but his cocky persona and underhand tactics – specifically, spraying cologne in opponents' eyes – made him one of the great early-'90s bad guys.

Rick Rude

The Ravishing one takes the number of on-disc Ric(k)s to three, and there's the possibility for quite the stable there – but it's far from the only one. Other former partners of Rude on the roster, and therefore available for fight-y reunions, include Shawn Michaels and Triple H (DX), Larry Zbyszko (Dangerous Alliance), and Mr Perfect (NWO Wolfpac).