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WWE 2K17 roster: all 156 confirmed wrestlers profiled including DLC (Eddie Guerrero, Sycho Sid and more)

Erick Rowan

Multiple attempts to split the ginger-chinned fistpounder away from Bray Wyatt have reached dead ends, so Rowan enters 2K17 doing what he does capably (but no better): taking losses for his mentor. Maybe time for a shave and a combover? Get to work in that creation suite…

Eva Marie

Miss All Red Everything is WWE's pet project in the women's division, much to the annoyance of hardcore fans who (correctly) insist she can't wrestle. And in fairness, the company has done a brilliant job of heeling her up over the summer – with the flame-haired vixen crying off matches due to a pretend hamstring injury and being 'stuck in traffic'.

Fabulous Freebirds (DLC)

Three stars added to the roster for the first time ever are the Fabulous Freebirds. Comprising Michael 'PS' Hayes, Buddy Roberts and Jimmy Garvin, they have two classic feuds resuscitated by the Hall Of Fame Showcase pack – against the von Erich family (Kerry & Kevin), and Diamond Dallas Page & Cactus Jack. Page and Cactus are included on disc, but get additional attires as a result.

Finn Balor

The demonic Irishman was confirmed for the roster in early August, just as GR+ said he would be after the announcement of his statue being packaged with the NXT Edition. The former NXT champion was drafted to Raw in July and catapulted straight into a Summerslam main event against Seth Rollins, where he won the new Universal Championship - only to relinquish the title one night later due to injury.

Goldberg (DLC)

Last seen in WWE 2K14, the former WCW World Champion will finally make his PS4 and Xbox One debut – as a pre-order incentive. It means the possibility of an in-game rematch with WrestleMania 20 rival Brock Lesnar – a prospect which Lesnar advocate Paul Heyman says won't end well for Goldberg.


How times change. Two years The Bizarre One was a fixture on WWE TV alongside brother Cody, together one of the company’s freshest duos in years. Now li'l bro is out of WWE (although still in the game, as Stardust), while Goldie flounders in a painfully unfunny ‘comedy’ tandem with R-Truth. 

Greg 'The Hammer' Valentine (DLC)

Wrestling fans of a certain vintage will remember The Hammer for his late-'80s Hasbro figure that was never released – but his WWF run was notable for reasons other than moulded plastic. He nabbed an Intercontinental Championship in 1984, claimed the tag straps with fellow DLC 'rassler Brutus Beefcake, and was inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame in 2004.

Heath Slater

The former 3MB member was on hilarious form throughout the summer, after being ignored in the WWE Draft. His efforts to earn a contract on Raw or Smackdown saw him double-crossed by former friend Jinder Mahal and speared by Rhyno – but it all came good when he teamed with the latter at Backlash to win the WWE Smackdown Tag Titles, and earn a roster spot in the process.

Hideo Itami

Not even 14 glorious years in Japan were sufficient to fast-track Kenta Kobayashi to WWEs main roster; like most other new signings, he was first dispatched to developmental territory NXT and given an unfamiliar name. A persistent shoulder injury has kept him there since his videogame debut in WWE 2K16, but his main roster call-up is surely months, if not weeks, away.

Ivory (DLC)

Two-time women's champion who's been associated with a host of acts also in WWE 2K17. She started out in the fed managing Mark Henry, had fantastic title matches with Lita as a member of Right To Censor, and battled Trish Stratus throughout most of 2002. Alongside Lita, Stratus, Alundra Blayze and Jacqueline, her inclusion here makes for a strong 'women's legends' roster.

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