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The Witcher 3 contracts: Every contract available from Velen to Skellige

When you're not tracking down Ciri or gallivanting with Yennefer, there's plenty of Witcher 3 contracts to tackle throughout the lands. From the start in White Orchard to the eventual Blood & Wine DLC, there's plenty of contracts in The Witcher 3 to take on.

These involve taking down ferocious beasts and saving lives, but don't worry, you're not doing it from the love of your heart. You'll be compensated handsomely for most, and we've got all of the Witcher 3 contracts, their locations, and how to complete all of them right here.

Note: Many of these quests are located via Undiscovered Locations. To populate your map with these, check the Notice Boards in various towns.

Table of Contents:

White Orchard
Blood and Wine DLC