When Child Stars Grow Up

Miley Cyrus

The Child: Rose to fame via the Disney Channel where she played Hanna Montana (and recorded the show’s soundtracks). Took the show to the big screen for mucho green.

The Adult: Cyrus started growing up with rom-com The Last Song in 2010, then dated her co-star Liam Hemsworth (her “first serious boyfriend”). The relationship didn’t last.

Anna Paquin

The Child: Second youngest Oscar winner in the history of the Academy Awards, nabbing a Best Supporting Actress gong aged 11 for The Piano. Also made goose movie Fly Away Home.

The Adult:
Played Rogue in the X-Men f ilms before getting her kit off for saucy vamp show True Blood . Got stabbed in Scream 4.

Edward Furlong

The Child: Starred alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1991’s phenomenal Terminator 2: Judgement Day , which would end up being his best work to date ( American History X aside), before making other-sequel Pet Sematary II .

The Adult:
Has had numerous run-ins with the police, been hospitalised for suspected overdoses and slapped with a restraining order. Most high-profile recent movie credit? A bit part in The Green Hornet.

Natalie Portman

The Child: Made a cracking entrance into film via her debut performance as an orphan in Léon: The Professional. Also had roles in Heat and Beautiful Girls.

The Adult: Has ridden out the storm that was Star Wars and emerged on the other side as a fan of daft fantasy ( Your Highness ), dark thrillers ( Black Swan ) and comic-book adaptations ( Thor ). Also, gorgeous.

Macaulay Culkin

The Child: Played troublemaker Kevin McCallister in the first and second Home Alone films (after an appearance in Uncle Buck ) before going on to make Richie Rich and My Girl. Was friends with Michael Jackson.

The Adult: Dated Mila Kunis. Got arrested for possessing marijuana and other ‘controlled substances’. Made a triumphant return to acting in 2004’s Saved! Has lent his voice to five episodes of Robot Chicken . Generally a spotlight-avoider.

Ryan Gosling

The Child: Slightly odd-looking youngster and part of the Disney Channel’s feted Mickey Mouse Club (between 1993 and 1995). After that he made films like Frankenstein And Me and The Unbelievables , neither of which you’ve probably seen.

The Adult: Just plain cool, really. Though The Notebook made him into a heartthrob, Gosling’s resolutely done his own thing with indies like Lars And The Real Girl and the awesome ‘80s-inspired Drive .

Christian Bale

The Child: Was snapped up at the age of 13 by Steven Spielberg, who cast him in Empire Of The Sun . Prior to that, Bale had already starred in Mio Min Mio and three TV projects.

The Adult: Forevermore our generation’s defining Batman, thanks to Christopher Nolan. Also has a reputation as a dedicated workhorse, doing anything to nail a role.

Jodie Foster

The Child: Had roles in Mayberry and The Doris Day Show before storming the big screen with Taxi Driver, aged just 13.

The Adult: One of the toughest women on film, having faced Hannibal Lector (and lived) in Silence Of The Lambs, invading crims in Panic Room and Christoph Waltz in Carnage .

Sean Astin

The Child: Inhaler-chuffing brace-wearer Mikey in The Goonies (his first ever acting role) and the kid in Dudley Moore comedy Like Father Like Son .

The Adult: Now most recognisable as Samwise Gamgee, Frodo’s best friend in the Lord Of The Rings films. Astin’s also a director now, having helmed episodes of Angel and Jeremiah .

Leonardo DiCaprio

The Child: Made his acting debut in underrated campy horror sequel Critters 3 before blowing us all away as a mentally disabled youngster in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?

The Adult:
One of the most interesting actors working today. Having outgrown his (unwanted) heartthrob image, DiCaprio’s now a solid dramatic actor who’s worked with the best in Hollywood