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Find out what Sonic's Gold Rings ACTUALLY taste like in the first episode of What's in the Box?

Want to know what Sonic cereal tastes like, or what it's like to stay in a Star Wars Rebel Pilot sleeping bag for more than five seconds? Let us help you out. What’s in the Box? is our brand new, weekly YouTube show that tracks down and opens some of the most sought after and downright strange gaming, movie, and TV merchandise available. 

Each week I’ll showcase three or four items to help you decide if it’s worth your hard-earned cash. Episode 1 features Star Wars Sleeping bags, some questionable Sonic cereal, a light-up Link, and a Call of Duty (opens in new tab) themed accessories holder. Watch the video above to see them all in action and no, I definitely don't endorse eating promotional cereal. Especially if it might have already been open. For a year. 

Star Wars ‘Rebel Pilot’ Selk'bag

OK, so a normal sleeping bag is comfortable for extended playtime, but when you need to grab some food or head to the toilet it’s pretty hard to manoeuvre yourself to do those seemingly simple things. There's that whole unzipping for one thing. So exhausting. The Selk’bag solves all of your (first world) problems by creating a sleeping bag/onesie hybrid, and it's pretty incredible. The Star Wars Selk’bags come in four Force flavours - Rebel Pilot, Storm Trooper, Darth Vader, and Chewbacca. Sure, they cost a fair bit but can you really put a price on true gaming comfort? 

Buy it US: $99.99 from Amazon (opens in new tab)
Buy it UK: £99.99 from Amazon (opens in new tab)

Sonic the Hedgehog Gold Rings 

Have you ever wanted to eat those irresistible golden rings from the Sonic series? No, me neither, but if you do then this box of 'Sega Forever Gold Rings' cereal will tickle your tastebuds. Unfortunately these are impossible to buy (we were sent them in a press kit for the new Sonic game released last year) but I don’t doubt that these will be on eBay somewhere. Most likely out of date and just as delicious as my bowl. Oh, and it comes with a free keyring! How 90’s!

These adorable light-up 8bit characters are called Pixel Pals and they’ll make any workspace or room glow with geekiness. Not a fan of Zelda? Never fear, there are over 40 different characters to choose from. One of my favourites from the collection is Master Chief. Who knew he could be this cute? The main selling point is that they light-up using batteries but you can purchase an upgrade kit that allows you to plug it into a USB port to keep them glowing forever.

Buy it US: $20 from Amazon (opens in new tab)
Buy it UK: £20.37 from Amazon (opens in new tab)

Call of Duty WW2 Cable Guy Holder 

It’s 2018 and most controller stands are still pretty dull, so why not spice up your gaming setup with Cable Guys? I’ll admit, this WW2 Private doesn’t work well with a PS4 controller, but an Xbox Controller, mobile phone or an other small flat devices will fit perfectly. It comes with a long 3M cable allowing you to reach to your console or charging port. The Cable Guy even has a nice weight to it - him? -  meaning no falling over when the going gets tough. 

Buy it US: $24.95 from Amazon (opens in new tab)
Buy it UK: £17.99 from Amazon (opens in new tab)

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Brandon Saltalamacchia

Brandon is a former video producer for GamesRadar, and now quite the entrepreneur running multiple start-ups. He is the founder of RetroDodo and now spends a lot of his time running Click Hill, a company dedicated to building niche, passionate, highly engaged communities.