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Watch Jonas Cuarons Gravity companion piece: online now

Gravity co-writer Jonas Cuaron has revealed a stunning short film online that serves as a companion piece to the space-set box-office hit.

The seven-minute short, entitled Aningaaq , was filmed on location in Greenland, and is set to compete in the Best Short Film category at the Oscars.

If you’ve already seen Gravity , you’ll understand how the two films fit together, although the short has an ethereal beauty all of its own… (if you’ve yet to see Gravity however, it could be considered a touch spoilery)

Take a look, below…

The new short is a brilliantly complimentary piece to the main film, and not at all what we were picturing when watching Sandra Bullock’s half of this sequence. And that final shot is a killer!

Aningaaq will be included on the DVD release of the film, and could well be troubling the judges at this year’s Academy Awards…