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Watch Biomutant's mut-tastic upgrades genetically, cybernetically and psychicly enhance a space cat-racoon... thing

Biomutant is doing a good job of not quite looking like any other game. Not quite sci-fi, not quite fantasy, it follows a sort of cat-ish creature in a post apocalyptic world as you mutate and enhance it to take on the threats you'll find as you explore. 

Developer Experiment 101 recently explained more at the PC Gamer Weekender and revealed a game all about options. There are 500,000 ranged weapon combinations, for example, that you can access by attaching all sort of parts and bits together. However, it's what you can do to your hero that's really interesting. 

There's metroidvania elements in how to progress, as you use various enhancements to access new parts of the world. These take the form of mutations, cybernetic and psychic upgrades you can earn from different characters you meet. 

In terms of genetic extras you can grow crab claws out of your shoulders to grab people or armour to deflect bullets. Cybernetic toys include things like a glider to get about, or a bow you can use to basically fire yourself at areas you couldn't otherwise reach. Psychic abilities on the other hand are described as the 'X-Men abilities' and features things like a bubble forcefield to deflect attacks and telekinesis to throw objects and enemies around. 

Finally, there's also a mech you can unlock that can also be upgraded and, as with everything else, lets you take on enemies and enter areas you couldn't otherwise reach. That includes seven different biomes which feature dynamic environments and weather that changes the world around you. 

You can see all that in action in the above interview from the PC Gamer Weekender or check out the livestream to what's on now. See a full list of what's on at the PC Gamer Weekender here. 

Leon Hurley
Leon Hurley

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