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Want a Mortal Kombat reboot?

Ah, remember those cosy days of the ‘90s when video game adaptations were actually good?

Wait, sorry, what are we saying? Yes, Paul WS Anderson’s 1995 vid-game-movie-adap Mortal Kombat has a loyal cult following who will defend it to the death (and probably have on numerous occasions). But let’s not kid ourselves, it was pretty ropey fare.

No surprise, then, that Warner Bros are looking to reboot the franchise with all this fancy new equipment that they have lying around.

Unknown writer Oren Uziel (his Shimmer Lake script made Hollywood’s blacklist of the best unproduced screenplays) has been contracted to write the new script.

The original had Christopher Lambert and Robin Shou (recently seen in the awful new Street Fighter ).

No clue who the studio have their eye on for the reboot, but you can bet they’ll be drawing on their own stock – so, Daniel Radcliffe? Robert Downey Jr? Emile Hirsch?

One thing we’re sure of: we’d bet last night’s leftover dinner that it’ll be in 3D.

Dream casting ideas if you will...